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Free Printable Flash Cards for Kids

When it comes to toddlers and very young students, learning should be stimulating as well as informative. Kids who are learning to recognize numbers and letters in writing want a little fun to go along...
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published on May 20, 2016
New Chore Charts

A good chart can make anything fun. Accomplishing that household task you've been putting off, or doing all your homework on time, or practicing your music on a daily basis--these are all part of the...
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published on May 06, 2016
New Printable Certificates

It's moving toward the end of the school year, which means a lot of sports, clubs, and classes are wrapping up. There's always a wonderful sense of accomplishment this time of year, as well as an...
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published on Apr 22, 2016
New Printable Stencils

Stencils are a great way to encourage artistry and help kids learn to read and write. However, for the slightly older crowd, it's also a perfect way to make a banner or a birthday card look sleek and...
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published on Apr 08, 2016
New Recipe Cards

      Want to share a family recipe? Or swap culinary secrets at a potluck or barbecue? There are sixteen new recipe cards up with beautiful, colorful illustrations. The pictures make for a nice...
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published on Apr 01, 2016
New Greeting Cards

A nice, attractive greeting card can really turn a person's day around or make a special occasion even better. The 20 new birthday cards and romance cards are perfect for celebrating a loved one, a...
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published on Mar 18, 2016
New Puzzles

Puzzles are great for gamesters of any age, although this new batch might be best suited for young kids who also want a cute coloring page. The ten new puzzles all feature happy animals, including an...
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published on Mar 05, 2016
New Bookmarks

Bookmarks keep you from having to reread the same pages over and over again in order to find your spot. These bookmarks do more than that. They're a beautiful, colorful way to remind you to indulge in...
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published on Feb 19, 2016
New Letterhead and Bookmarks

Some people like it when their stationery matches as part of a set. As such, the new designs of letterhead and bookmarks have identical backgrounds that cover striped pink designs, mandalas, diamond...
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published on Feb 05, 2016
New Counting Worksheets

Learning to count should be fun! The new kid worksheets turn the whole experience into a creative art project. Each worksheet is a coloring page of between one and ten adorable creatures. Just give a...
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published on Jan 28, 2016

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