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Halloween Fun with WorksheetsSeptember is here, and fall is in the air. At least, it is in many places. As the leaves start to change color, families everywhere will begin gearing up for Halloween. They'll be planning funny costumes, having parties and selecting treats to give to Trick or Treaters. It's a fun time of year, but that doesn't mean that children need to become lax with their studies. It simply means that you have to work some of the fun of the season into your lessons. At, we're all about combining fun and education, as you'll see with the varied resources and free printable worksheets that we offer. Take a look around! Although our main categories are math worksheets, preschool worksheets, kindergarten worksheets, kids' worksheets, lesson plans, church worksheets and multiplication worksheets, be sure to browse each category because we have a few printables that may surprise you!
Work at Your Own Pace with Our Boo-tiful Halloween WorksheetsKids need worksheets that are fun, yet engaging. That's what we provide here in our free printable kids worksheets category. As you'll see, our activities are varied according to skill level and interest. Do you have a child that enjoys connecting the dots? We have plenty of those activities! How about completing words? We have those worksheets, too. We also have sheets that focus on riddles, the alphabet, phonics and much more. We even have cursive handwriting lessons for each letter of the alphabet to ensure students know how to write in cursive properly – a skill that is quickly fading, as we become a more digitized culture. When you find a printable that you like, just click on the "Print" button or use the "Customize" tool to add your own text and pictures.
Halloween Worksheets Are So Much Fun They're Frightening!Young children need to learn how sizes are relative to each other. Our Halloween Small and Big Worksheet is just the tool you need to teach this concept. It features cats, ghosts, bats and witches' hats. Each item is shown in three different sizes: small, medium and big. The directions may be a bit confusing, so we suggest modifying them a bit for the younger crowd. For example, have the students circle the smallest item in each row, cross out the medium-sized item and color the largest item. You can have students complete the activity in a number of different ways, but the goal is to have fun doing it! Even though the worksheet is Halloween-themed, it is not scary at all and is safe to use in any classroom. All images are kid-friendly. Like our other printables, these sheets can be customized before printing. You are also free to save them to your computer or share them with your friends via your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We hope you enjoy our Halloween worksheets and all the others available, too. Check back regularly for more holiday-themed lessons.

Free Printable Halloween Worksheet