Free Printable Bingo Games for Parties

by Brandon Ribak

Throw a Great Party with Free Printable Bingo Games

Who doesn't love a good party game? Let's face it, games are judged based on the games, food and company. For the host who wants to make their party a success, a good selection of games is a must for the party goers. What's your family or group of friends like? Do they enjoy a game of Bingo? Perhaps they like brainteasers or puzzles. Some people even provide their guests with crosswords and word searches – this is a perfect idea for a book launch party or for a party for a child that loves to read. No matter what type of game you and your friends are into, you will find a great selection of free printable games at Click on each category to see the impressive selection available. Once you've made your choice, click print or customize it to add names of party guests or your own name.


Free Printable Bingo Games for Holidays and Kids' Parties

Are you having a birthday party for a child? Perhaps you're hosting an Easter, Halloween or Thanksgiving get-together. The perfect game to play when you have a large group gathered is Bingo. It is one of America's favorite games, and has a great selection of free printable Bingo games. Bingo can be a lot of fun as the participants each try to cover their cards to win treats and prizes. Pick prizes appropriate to the theme of your Bingo cards or choose a prize that is unique. Since Halloween is coming up, print out each of the Bingo cards and Bingo tiles in order to play a game of Spooky Bingo. The kids will love this at your Haunted House party or at their classroom parties. The cards feature kid-friendly pictures of ghosts, witches, haunted houses and pumpkins. Don't forget to print out the Thanksgiving set, too. November is not far away!


Free Printable Bingo Games for a Toy Story Party

If you have a fan of the Toy Story movies in your house, you need the free printable Toy Story Bingo set. These cards feature your child's favorite characters, such as Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Woody, Little Bo Peep, Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Slinky Dog and Hamm. Each card is designed in vivid color with movie-quality pictures. Your child will love finding the matches to the Bingo tiles when his favorite characters are called out. Not only is this set great for a child's party or a classroom party, but you can also print out a set to give as a gift. This is a game that any Toy Story fan would love and appreciate. To make your Bingo cards last longer, print them out on heavy-duty cardstock and laminate each sheet. Do the same with your tiles to make sure sticky fingerprints do not ruin them. Toy Story Bingo will be a party hit at your child's next birthday party.

Free Printable Bingo Games