Halloween Math Games

Fun and Free Printable Math Worksheets

With Halloween approaching in little more than a month, now is the perfect time to start working spooktacular elements and worksheets into the free printable worksheets in your classroom. You can carry a holiday theme throughout your lessons for any subject. Yes, even math! We'll show you some of our best Halloween math games to use with your students. The incorporation of fun holiday elements into the lessons ensures that the students stay captivated and attentive. This is especially important when it comes to a fundamental subject like math. The lessons they learn in these early years will carry throughout their educational careers. Although lessons should be fun, teaching them properly is nothing to take lightly, as all good teachers know. These worksheets can be used in the classroom, or if you homeschool, you can use them at home, too! There are lots of different ways to use them, and we'll offer a few tips to get you started.

Math Doesn't Have to Be Scary with Free Printable Math Worksheets

Which math concepts are you focusing on in your classroom? Whether you're teaching addition, multiplication, odd and even numbers and more, we have a worksheet that's appropriate to your lessons. We add new sheets frequently, so don't forget to bookmark our page to check back often for new resources for your classroom. While we do like to focus on fun here at, we do understand the importance of quality when it comes to educational materials, so we strive for excellence with each one. We hope your students enjoy learning from these free printable math worksheets as much as we have enjoyed making them!

Math Games to Celebrate Halloween In Your Classroom

We have three wonderful math games that you can use in your classroom during the Halloween season. These all teach wonderfully simple concepts, so they'll be easy to incorporate into your lessons in just a few minutes a day.

1.      Halloween Math Addition – This worksheet uses bright, fun pictures to help students learn how to add different objects. You'll find bats, jack-o-lanterns, witches, skulls and spiders for a hair raising good time while doing math.

2.      Halloween Odd and Even Worksheet – If you're trying to teach your students about odd and even numbers, this worksheet is the perfect way to do it! Using pumpkins, cats, witches' hats and bats, the students are directed to color either an odd number of objects or an even number. Because the number isn't specific, this gives the students a bit of freedom of choice and also reinforces their mastery of odd and even numbers. It's also loads of fun!

3.      Halloween More Than Less Than and Equal To Worksheet – When first learning the concepts of greater than, less than and equal to, students can have a hard time with abstract numbers. This worksheet uses different objects to make learning this concept easier. Witches' hats, jack-o-lanterns, brooms and spider webs are among the items your students will be counting. The instructions are simple: circle the greater than, less than or equal to sign!

Halloween Math Games