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Halloween Balloon Labels You'll Go Batty For

by Brandon Ribak

Free Printable Labels for Halloween
If you're looking for an alternative to candy, you're not alone. People are much more health conscious than they have been in years past, especially with regard to the health of children. For those who like to promote a healthy lifestyle, you don't have to be "that house" on the block that doesn't hand out treats to the children. You just have to find healthy alternatives! We have lots of free crafts that you can use to keep those teeth cavity-free while still keeping the kids happy. Take a look at some of our offerings in our free miscellaneous printables. You'll find a bit of everything there, from paper, labels, name tags and awards to recipes, graphs and party supplies.

Bewitching Free Printable Labels
One of our most popular categories are our free printable labels. Apply them to anything! Labeling is not only a great way to stay organized, but labels also provide an excellent way to decorate items, put your claim on items or they can function as gift tags. You'll find labels with lots of different themes and colors. We have labels for all holidays, including Halloween and Christmas. You'll need something on those gifts to identify who they're from, even if the gifts are from Old St. Nick! All of our labels are customizable, so even if your handwriting isn't the best, the gift recipients will be able to read who the gifts are from.

Free Printable Labels for Halloween Balloons
Have you ever thought of handing out balloons for Halloween? Imagine the surprise and delight on the children's faces when they're handed a balloon rather than yet another piece of candy. They can tie the balloon around one of their wrists or around the handle of their treat bucket or bag. It will also provide a bit of lovely atmosphere for the holiday. What could make people smile better than seeing happy children walk around with balloons and candy? To let your neighbors know who the balloons are from, print out our free printable Halloween balloon labels. You'll get eight labels per sheet featuring two different designs. You can hand-write a message on the labels or type one in before you print the labels out. Either way, the kids are going to be spellbound by their beautiful balloons. Suggested balloon colors include orange, black, white and yellow. On the day you'll be handing them out, the balloons can also serve as a lovely decoration for your yard, fence or porch. You could even have a scarecrow holding up the balloons for you -- or perhaps a friendly ghost.

For more non-candy treat ideas, consider coloring sheets and crayons, bookmarks, coins, fruit, stickers, removable tattoos and similar items. Cheap story books can be purchased at your local Dollar Store. Pencils, pens, erasers and stationery all make great gifts for children, too.

free printable Halloween balloon labels