A Bright Birthday Postcard

Make a celebrant's birthday bright and more joyful by sending this 4x6 birthday postcard. These printable birthday cards are unique because they aren't just cards; they can become a beautiful photo in a frame or part of a really nice scrapbook or even just hung on a wall or placed on a bookshelf as a decoration. This photo is particularly nice as it features a stream running by a home in a very peaceful setting. Grab one of these free printable cards and write down a personal message from your heart that will wish the celebrant a happy year ahead. Use photo paper to really make this image stand out and use your own colored pens for a personal message on the back. It is sure to be treasured for years to come as a part of birthday memories.

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The Best is Yet to Come Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are contemplative days. One takes time to review the past year and makes plans for the next year. A Bright Birthday Postcard is a free printable card that is a photograph of a peaceful stream. Quite symbolic of a quiet and restful place someone would pick as a spot to think about their directions in life. The front greeting is an encouraging note to remind the birthday honoree that life is theirs for the taking, just reach for it. The 4x6 card can be framed for future reminders. Each card can be set up easily to include your own personal words too.


Life's Journey Birthday Card

Is there someone on your birthday calendar that is starting a new chapter in their lives? A Bright Birthday Postcard is an excellent choice to acknowledge their birthday. The 4x6 photograph has a peaceful winding stream with tall green grass and spring flowers decorating its banks. The winding path of the water could represent the idea of life's journey. The thoughtful greeting is words of encouragement to look at what life has to offer and get the best of it for many years ahead. Plus, each card is eligible for added images and custom printed personal messages with the easy to follow customization feature.