Birthday Card With Blue Star

These free printable cards look simple with its blue star image in front, but when you print this and add a personal message inside specially written for the celebrant that will make them a true star. These printable birthday cards are particularly good for kids as they are very brightly colored with a simple message on the front. It's also easy to customize these cards so, if you're printing it for one child to give to another, encourage your child add their own stars or colors to make this card truly stand out. Start printing now and send this card. You'll make someone feel like the superstar they deserve to be!

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Big Blue Birthday Star

Red, white, and blue are colors used to celebrate something in a big way. Birthday Card with Blue Star, one of these free printable birthday cards, just shouts celebrate with the happy birthday greeting printed within a large blue star in the center. The smaller red and white stars in the background are outlined in such a way that the card has a 3-D effect. The big blue star stands right out as soon you look at the cover. Plus, you will make the big day stand out when you send only these free printable birthday cards to all on your birthday card list.

Super Star Birthday Card

A simple card comprised of only three colors stands out in a big way for a free printable birthday card. The message is clear. The star of the day is the birthday recipient. Birthday Card with Blue Star, with its optical illusion of the large blue center star popping right off the card to wish someone a happy birthday, is a super fun card to send. Also, each card is eligible for added images and custom printed personal messages without the wait. With a few clicks of the mouse you can make the card so personal, you are your own professional printing service.