Birthday Filled With Magic

These printable birthday cards feature the stars, moon and sun around a Happy Birthday greeting. It also has a half border of black stars on the inside, framing the person message that you choose to write inside. Print off these free printable cards today and add your own colors and designs such as purple moons or golden stars for your friends or relatives. This quarter page card will give people a wider smile, just what any celebrant is looking for on their birthday! Print this magical card off today and see the ordinary sort of birthdays become extraordinary upon opening up your card.

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It is Magically Out of This World

Across the moon and to the stars, is where the magic is said to be. Surprise someone on your birthday card list today with one of these free printable birthday cards such as Birthday Filled with Magic. The front cover is covered with the Moon and twinkling stars. Each star is a rainbow of color just as they are when we watch them glow in the night sky. You will love our custom print feature to include those personal words you so want to share to let them know you care. The inside is marked with stars to frame your message of birthday wishes.

You are Only a Click of Two Away from Sending Birthday Wishes

The way the stars shine and dance across the midnight sky is nothing short of magic. Our magical birthday card includes all the wonders of the universe. The bright crescent moon is shining among the rainbow colored stars. The inside pages include a line of black stars at the top and bottom to showcase your own birthday greetings.  Surprise someone on your birthday card list today with one of these free printable birthday cards. Birthday Filled with Magic can be personalized with only a click or two of your mouse and custom text or clip art can easily be added before you print these cards at home.