Birthday Girl Frame

These free printable cards are the perfect cards for those cute little birthday girls that you know. The bright colors on these printable birthday cards is very appealing and the theme of pink and birthday cake is just right for little girls. Print this card and just add your personal greetings and wishes inside. This half fold printable birthday card is best printed on good paper so that the colors can shine through. Don't forget to add your own personal greeting on the inside too; there is plenty of space to do it! Give a little girl in your life something sweet on her birthday with this colorful birthday card.

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We Heard it Was Your Birthday

Ta-Da it's your birthday and the Birthday Girl Frame free printable card shows exuberant birthday spirit with its happy birthday greeting in a frame on its cover. A sweet little girl beside the frame is dressed in her party clothes for the special occasion. There is a cake too! Since the cake is topped with only one candle this card is excellent to acknowledge a little girl's first birthday. However, the girly bright pinks on the front make it perfect for any young lady on the birthday card list. Our easy custom print feature allows you to personalize the birthday greetings with more  images and words of your choice.

There Will Cakes and Balloons

Birthday parties with balloons and birthday cakes are one way to celebrate a special day. But, how about taking that idea a bit further and send these free printable birthday cards. Our top quality designed cards all offer a free customizing feature. Each card can easily be set up to include your own personal words to be printed on the card. Birthday Girl Frame has a spirited front cover including a young child in her party hat pointing at the large framed happy birthday sign. On the left corner there is a large birthday cake brimming with yummy pink icing that matches the color of the background. Three balloons in vibrant colors complete the scene.