Black And White Birthday Clown

Kids can still give a special present on their friend's birthday without buying anything using these free printable cards. Print this black and white clown card and ask them to add designs. These printable birthday cards are quarter fold and it's very easy to turn them into a work of art. There is plenty of room for additional designs and of course, each clown printed is going to end up looking very different from another. A personalized card is a truly special gift that anyone can receive. This card also makes a great accompaniment to a small gift or can hold a gift card, so feel free to fully utilize it. Enjoy someone's special day and maybe do some good clowning around!

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Refrigerator Worthy Birthday Cards

Black And White Birthday Clown, a fun addition to these free printable birthday cards, can be printed to use as a coloring activity. Or, print several to let the kids design their own cards for loved ones. Refrigerators all over are used as the perfect easel to display children's artworks. Plus, a free printable birthday card is easy to print at home with your personalized message printed within. You will not miss a chance to share a birthday wish when you keep some of these at hand.  You are only a few mouse clicks away from sending some out today.

Clown Invitation Cards

Need an invitation design for a child's birthday party? Are you looking for a quieter activity for a child's birthday party? You have found it here with the Black And White Birthday Clown card, a fun addition, to these free printable birthday cards. With a click or two of the keyboard, your text or clip art can easily be added before you print these cards at home. The happy clown on the front is holding a card in the shape of a package with the words happy birthday printed on the front. Again, it is easy to print the party details on the inside for a delightful party invitation.