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Blue Clues Birthday Card

Send some birthday greetings to kids using a fun card that they will love. If your child or another child is in love with dogs and more specifically in love with Blue's Clues, then these will be the free printable cards for you. These printable birthday cards are all on the blue motif, complete with a blue cake, blue balloons and of course, Blue the dog himself! This Blues Clues birthday card will surely catch their attention. It's an amazing card for children who love this show or for anyone who loves dogs or hey, for anyone who loves the color the blue! Alleviate the blues in your birthday boy or girl with this adorable card.

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Birthday Wishes from Blues Clues

Blue, the ever lovable clues giving puppy, is the star of these free printable birthday cards aptly named Blues Clues Birthday Card. Blue is using her eyes to give a clue to look up at the top of the card to read the blue lettered happy birthday greeting. Sitting beside her is a birthday cake iced in yes, you guessed it, BLUE. The birthday boy and girl will not have to guess clues when they read the personal customized message inside, written by you especially for them. Give it a whirl it is only a few simple steps to sending one out today.

Blue is the Clue for the Birthday Card

Can you guess who this cute puppy is? Yes! She is the clue prompting star of the television show Blues Clues. She is also the star of these free printable birthday cards titled Blues Clues Birthday Card. Her eyes are plainly trained on the words happy birthday across the top of the cover. A blue birthday cake with candles plus three balloons in different shades of blue wait for the party to begin. The inside is where you will be the star as each card can be set up easily with a personal message directly from you to them. Send this exceptionally special card to a young child on your birthday calendar today.