Cake For Birthday

Wish someone a very happy birthday by using these free printable cards with a three tier cake image. These printable birthday cards feature a delectable cake that seems to be almost dripping with icing. It also has a half border of cupcakes and plenty of messages of goodwill. Print this card and make the celebrant's day more special by adding a personalized message inside. This card is a great way to let someone know how sweet they are to you. It also serves as a humorous reminder to serve the cake because it just wouldn't be a festive birthday without one.

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You Have Three Birthday Wishes

Not one, not two, but three layers high is the birthday cake featured on this free printable Cake for Birthday cards. The middle and bottom layers of yellow lemon icing and cocoa colored chocolate icing are imprinted with a pink and purple happy birthday announcement. And, perched right on top is one lit candle waiting for someone special to make their birthday wish come true as they blow out the candle. When the birthday guest opens this card they will be even more delighted because you made a click or two with the mouse to easily add custom text or clip art before printing.

Cupcakes and Sweet Birthday Wishes

Sixteen pink dainty dancing cupcakes in pink triangles make up the sweet border on the cover of this Cake for Birthday free printable birthday card. One can almost guess how delicious this cake must taste just by looking. The richly iced birthday cake has three tall layers all different colors of yellow and purple and flavors of lemon or chocolate. Plus, it is topped with one lit make-a-wish candle. You will add even more sweetness to someone's day because our easy custom print feature allows you to personalize the birthday greetings with images and words of your choice.