Cake Puzzle

These half page free printable cards are designed with a beautiful cake puzzle. Print this card and use this in wishing the celebrant a happy and special birthday. The card can then be left as is, with its bright purples, pinks and blues and a cake on the back or it can be cut out and pieced back together by the kids. If you're going to do that, make sure this card is printed on heavy paper so that the pieces last longer than a day! Don't forget to include a personal message on the inside and then let your children enjoy pulling apart and piecing this cake back together again. There's nothing like a little gift and a child's activity all rolled into one-particularly when it's absolutely free. These printable birthday cards may be even more popular than the gift itself, especially with younger children who have a penchant for liking things like bright cards and wrapping paper the best!

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Birthday Greetings via a Puzzle

Cake Puzzle free printable birthday cards has a great distinction from other cards. It can stand alone as a beautiful greeting card or, it can be made into a fun puzzle for young children. The cake on the front at first appears to be behind a paned window. However, the lines of the panes are the guidelines for cutting the card into nine equal puzzle pieces. Printing the card on heavier paper will ensure lots of puzzle fitting good times. The cake is delightfully decorated with scrumptious icing and sprinkles. It is surrounded by purples, pinks and blues. Print and mail some today.

Puzzle for Birthday Party

Many of these free printable birthday cards serve as greeting cards or birthday party activities and Cake Puzzle card is a fine example. The multi-layered cake is dripping with sweet tempting icing and sprinkles. The candles on top are shining bright behind a window pane. Print the card on heavy paper and cut out the panes for an easy nine piece puzzle. The inside is where you will shine because you will love our custom print feature to share those personal messages to let them know how much you care. It really is that easy to send a personalized card selected just for them.