Clown On Cake

These quarter page free printable cards are designed with a clown on top of a cake.The clown is a fairly unique one as it has very long hair and bright colors and is obviously light as a feather (or that cake is a lie!). However, he's clearly there to have a good time as well as he's handing out balloons to at least the birthday child and presumably more are coming. In any event, this fun birthday card is great for both boys and girls and is a colorful way to attract younger kids while amusing older ones. Print this card and let the kids use this in greeting their friends on their birthday. There is plenty of room for additional colors and designs and the size of the card means it's easy to work with and add to any present. Print it off today and get to work in making it a work of art!

Silly and Funny Birthday Cards

Silly images are what make kids giggle and laugh. Imagine how much they will giggle when they see the Clown on Cake free printable birthday card. The cake topper is an adult size clown and he is handing a balloon to a young ginger-haired boy. The young lad looks eager to accept a balloon from a colorfully clad clown. All of these free printable birthday cards are easy to print at home with your personalized messages printed within. You will not miss a chance to share a birthday wish when you keep some of these at hand. It only takes a few simple steps.

Birthday Wishes from Clowns on Cakes

Clown on a Cake is a comical birthday card for a young boy's birthday. The clown has stepped onto the cake in order to hand a balloon to a young lad who seems to not mind at all that a man in a bright green clown costume has stepped on his triple-decker yellow cake with pink icing. All the lettering is printed in a light teal blue. You will love our custom print feature to include those personal words you want to share to let this little guy know how much you care. Select these free printable cards and start personalizing it right away.