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Elvis Birthday Cards

Hail to the King baby! The birthday king that is! These printable birthday cards let you give homage to the singer that changed the face of music and even though he is clearly older in this cartoon, he is still ready to party with your friends and family. This quarter paged birthday card will surely give delight to all those Elvis fans. Print this and just add your personal wishes inside. And make sure Elvis doesn't eat all of the cake; I'm pretty sure he should be on a diet. Wish your birthday king a fantastic birthday with these slightly silly free printable cards; print one out today.

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The King of Rock and Roll

Thank-you, Thank-you very much is what the recipient of these free printable birthday cards called Elvis Birthday will be saying when it arrives. The comical card is a nod to the rock and roll king Elvis. The cover is graced by a caricature type drawing of Elvis in his white studded jumpsuit days. He is presenting someone with a double-layered birthday cake with candles. Inside the card contains a simple happy birthday. That's all the more reason to use our easy and fast custom print features. Each card can be set up to include an image chosen from our large selection and you may add your own personal words too.

Elvis is Still in the Building

Elvis has not left the building. Well, at least not in the case of our Elvis Birthday Cards inspired by the rock and roll king. The humorous card includes an older king presenting a birthday cake. He may be older but he might be saying you have still got it baby no matter the age. Surprise an Elvis fan on your birthday card list today with one of these free printable birthday cards. They will appreciate the good-hearted humor. Plus, their heart will be touched when you send them a personalized card selected just for them.  You are only a few mouse clicks away from sending some out today.