Happy Brthday Tiger

This birthday card features an image of a baby tiger. And that baby tiger sure looks hungry! It must be that delicious piece of cake just waiting to be eaten up. Greet someone on his or her special day by using one of these free printable cards and make sure to add a personal message inside that he or she will treasure forever. These printable cards are simply adorable and will work fine for both children and adults, so long as they love animals. Print this card off, add your own messages and give it to someone for them to enjoy too!

Tiny Tiger Birthday Wishes

Tiger is often a pet nickname lovingly given to little baby boys. Happy Birthday Tiger is an adorable selection from these free printable birthday cards. The tiny tabby striped orange tiger is seated next to a two layered cake with sweet icing on each one. The tiger is eying that one lit candle on top. Send this card to a little tiger for their first birthday party. Our easy custom print feature allows you to personalize the birthday greetings with images and words of your choice. You will easily create a keepsake card for the birthday boy to see when he is older.

One Birthday Wish for a Little Tiger

Happy Birthday Tiger has the cutest little orange and black stripped tiger on the front. He sure has his eye on that delicious looking birthday cake. Or, maybe he is wondering what to do about that one lit candle perched on top. Some little tiger on your birthday calendar is ready to blow out their candles while making a wish. And, you will complete their day when you send only these free printable birthday cards to all who are on your birthday card list. Each free printable card is eligible for added images and custom printed personal messages without the wait.