Horse Shaking Off Dust

These printable birthday cards feature a well-drawn horse image letting the wind take all of its problems away; very emblematic of starting a new chapter of life! Tell your friends to shake off the dust and be happy and merry on their special day. This quarter fold card with beautiful scroll lettering on front and inside is small enough to fit on any present and yet still has enough room for you to fit any messages you'd wish to pass on to those you care about. They are simple free printable cards, but they carry an important message to those you care about most.

#Prints: 1993

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Don't let the Dust of Yesterday Cloud out Today

Sometimes the residual dust from trails of the past can weigh people down. If you know someone who has had a challenging year, encourage them to look forward to better days when you share this card Horse Shaking off Dust. The young horse on the cover is running free and letting the wind whisk away the dust of the past. The sentiments on the cover and inside are printed in a beautiful scroll pattern. Surprise someone on your birthday card list today with one of these free printable birthday cards. Each card is eligible for added images and custom printed personal messages without the wait.

Leave Yesterday's Dust Behind

Life is too short to let the dust of the past settle on our backs too long. The young horse has got up and is running like wind to enjoy the day without a care of the past. Each day is a gift that is why it is called the present. Horse Shaking off Dust is a free printable card. Select this one to send to someone who needs a cheerful boost to make their honored day brighter. You will also love our custom print feature to include those personal words you so want to share to let them know you care.