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Monster High Girls Birthday Cards

Here's the perfect birthday card for girls who love Monster High or anything in this genre or artistic style. These printable birthday cards are black and purple and feature the main characters from Monster High, posing for the camera for your daughter or son's special day. These free printable cards also feature the emblem of the school on the back and a happy birthday greeting on the front. You can easily add your own messages to the inside. This could be the kind of card your child will treasure for a long time to come. Print this card now and surprise someone who loves this cartoon!

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Monster High For the Win!

Have you always wanted to be the favorite aunt or uncle? Would you like to appear "hip" or "with it" to a young teen or adolescent? This free printable birthday card is your ticket to being the ultimate in cool! Right now, Monsters High is one of the top favorite obsessions with certain age groups. Chances are high that your pre-teen at least knows who these way out there, trendy vampire, werewolf, and other scary monster chicks are! Monster High is a movie, several special episodes, webisodes, a game, and a sub-culture. Send this card, and be the coolest ghoul in school!

Vampires and Monsters and Ghouls, Oh MY!

Vampires are "in" my friend! And free printable cards like this one of the Monster High Girls are all the rage. Kids want to be just like the grown up crowd with their scary fun, their Bram Stoker's Dracula, and all the vampire movies and talk of the Zombie Apocalypse. It shouldn't surprise you that even the youngest ones know a little bit about ghouls, especially if you are talking about a Monster High cool ghoul. Print out this not really too scary card for that special little trend setter's birthday. She'll love it, and love you for sending it!