O-Fish-Al Birthday

Send this fish birthday card to kids who are celebrating their birthdays and they will surely appreciate the fun under the sea design of it. Birthdays are special days in the celebrant's life and these printable birthday cards celebrate all of the wonder and joy of this day. Although we are a little concerned about all of those fish trying to come out of the bowl all at once in their finery and hope they don't get stuck! Maybe they're just looking forward to a big slice of cake. In any event, print this card off now and let someone know how special they are for you. These free printable cards have plenty of room for a personal message on the inside too, so go wild!

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It is a True and Official Birthday Card

O-Fish-Al Birthday card makes it true. Its officially your birthday is just one of the lines you could use when you personalize this card before sending it as a fun birthday greeting. Three golden fish have come to the surface waving their banners and tooting horns to celebrate the official announcement of someone's birthday. The deep blue water in the fish bowl matches the blue lettering perfectly. The swirly font includes extra wing dings for a fun touch. Swim to happiness is the tip for the day. Make someone's day happier when you use only these free printable birthday cards.

Three Fish in a Bowl

Good things are said to come in threes. Here are three golden fish who have surfaced from the deep blue waters of their fish bowl to wish someone a great birthday. Each is waving a banner in colors of pink, green, and red. One even has a blue horn to make the official announcement to let the party begin. Encouragement to always strive to be happy is echoed with the greeting on these free printable birthday card called O-Fish-Al Birthday. All of our top quality designed cards offer a free customizing feature so, feel free to add some personal encouragement too.