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Pink Panther Birthday Card

It's time for the Pink Panther to jump on to the scene! Send a fun birthday card to your friend or family member and bring the panther home. These printable birthday cards are so cute with their soft pink color. It's perfect for kids who will love the panther and for adults who grew up watching his antics. These free printable cards may also be good few teens who have also been subjected to the panther's adventures. If you or someone you care about is a fan, send the pink panther on to make their birthday just a little more special (and possibly a little more surreal!) Have a fun birthday party!

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Cool is Pink for the Birthday

Ba-dum-ba-da! Anyone who is a Pink Panther fan will recognize the first few notes of the panther's theme song with ease. And, here he is folks in his full smiling glory bursting out of the front of the card to wish someone the best birthday ever. These free printable birthday cards include many comic past icons that can be reintroduced to a new generation. Send the Pink Panther Birthday Card and they will enjoy being "pinked" when you send them a personalized card selected just for them.  You are only a few mouse clicks away from sending some out today.

Pink Birthdays are Fun

The Pink Panther Birthday Card brings back fond childhood memories of watching a cool dude that without uttering a word could carry an entire cartoon's worth of noteworthy antics. The music was catchy and his facial expressions were priceless. And here he is again popping right up of the page to wish the pinkest happy birthday ever. Send this exceptionally special card to someone special on your birthday calendar. Select the card make a few keystrokes to add some custom text then print. It really is that easy to send a personalized card selected just for them. Let the fun begin.