Slice Of Cake With Candles

These free printable cards are designed with a slice of pink cake with different candles on it. In fact, there is a whole rainbow of candles on one slice of cake. These tasty looking printable birthday cards are on a deep pink background with fancy writing to top off the whole image, making this card ideal for the women in your life. Print this and greet those birthday celebrants with a special message on their special day along with a real fancy cake or people are going to be looking at this card with hunger in their eyes and food on their minds.

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Dazzle Someone on Their Birthday

Dazzling is the first adjective to come to mind when you look at Slice Of Cake With Candles, a top quality designed card that offers a free customizing feature. Surprise someone on your birthday card list today with one of these free printable birthday cards. The slice of cake has a myriad of colorful candles on top. Each candle is a different color of the rainbow. The cursive script used to spell out the greeting is printed in a dark fuchsia pink. Send this exceptionally sweet card to someone special on your birthday calendar. They will love one made just for them.

Did Someone Want Cake?

The Slice Of Cake With Candles, one of these free printable birthday cards, has a piece of cake so real looking it looks as if it would hop right off the card and onto a plate. The cake has all the fancy trimmings for a fun and festive birthday party. The candles on top are every color of the rainbow. Make someone's day sweeter and brighter with this card. These printable cards are really popular because it really is simple to use the custom print feature available on all the cards. Select the card and start personalizing it right away.