Sunrise Bday Card For A Dear Friend

Greet your dear friend with a happy birthday greeting through this sunrise themed birthday card. These printable birthday cards are symbolic of starting a new day and starting a new chapter in life. These free printable cards feature a very beautiful photograph; perfect to print out and show someone you care. A friend is a gift to us so print this card and make sure that their day will be special. And remember to include your own personal message of good wishes on the inside! Your friend deserves to know how much they mean to you and this card is a simple way to do just that.

A New Day and a Friendship Birthday Wish

A new day has dawned. It is a birthday for someone special. Sunrise Birthday Card for a Dear Friend has a beautiful golden sunrise photograph on the cover. The sun has just crept over the horizon and its shimmering rays are shining through the leaves of a majestic tree in the foreground bringing forth another wonderful day. Simple warm words of endearment for your friend are printed on the front cover and inside. There is still room inside for you to utilize our easy custom print feature so you may personalize the birthday greetings with images and words of your choice.

Catch a Ray of the Dawn for a Birthday Wish

As the first rays of the golden sun stretch over the countryside, a new day has started and it is someone's special day. Your best friend's face will be all aglow when they open your card and read the warm and true words to wish them a happy birthday. A sunrise symbolizes the birth of a new day and that it is the present. Send someone you love this Sunrise Birthday Card for a Dear Friend to tell them exactly what their friendship means to you. You will love our custom print feature to include those personal words you so want to share to let them know you care.