Tree By The Full Moon

If your friend or relative is an artistic person, they will appreciate one of these free printable cards for their birthday. These printable birthday cards are absolutely picture perfect with the moon framed by two trees and, the moon is so detailed you can make out individual craters. It is also easy to add a message about being able to hold the moon your hands. No matter what you say, the recipient of this birthday card will be very happy. You may even want to print out several so that no one misses out on the beauty of Mother Nature at night.

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Birthday Wishes by the Light of the Moon

In the still of the night, the moon is brightly highlighting two old majestic trees. This is a stunning selection of our free printable birthday cards. The limbs of the trees have framed the moon, holding hands as two old friends would. The face of the moon is clear enough to see the man in the moon looking back at the trees. Tree by the Full Moon free printable card is appropriate for old friends or couples who are sharing their lives together. The two trees could be silently reminiscing memories past. Each card can be set up easily for you to add your own personal sentiments inside the card.


I Can See the Moon From Here

Tree by the Full Moon evokes a memory of the nursery rhyme words "I see the moon and the moon sees me." The man in the moon's face seems to be grazing at two old friends. Two majestic tall trees are standing alone in the night. Listen closer and you can almost hear stories of what they have seen. Send this free printable card and share such memories and stories between longtime friends and loved ones.  You will also love our custom print feature to include those personal words you so want to share to let them know you care.