Baby In The Manger

Do not forget to let everyone know the true spirit and meaning of Christmas with this printable Christmas card. These free printable cards have an image of baby Jesus sleeping in the manger. Surrounding him are birds, glorious radiance and the background is gold to symbolize the majesty of the new baby. It's a very well done image and will surely make anyone who receives it both happy and grateful of such a clear image of the season. Print this card and send your Christmas wishes to all your friends and relatives. It's a perfect way to remind everyone that Christmas is more than about the presents and feasting; it's also a celebration of a very important birth. Enjoy!

The Baby in the Manger Christmas Card

This is what the whole Christmas season is really about. We gather together with our friends and family to honor that precious little baby in the manger. This is the night that we celebrate the birth of the Christ child. We gather 'round and tell and re-tell the wonderful story, of "No room in the Inn," and how such a mighty king came to be born in a stable and laid in a manger. We brings gifts to one another in remembrance of the three wise men who brought gifts to that little baby, lying in a lowly stable manger.

A Free, Printable Card Featuring The Baby in the Manger

We hope to be able to share every Christmas with our loved ones. Sadly, seeing each other in person is not always possible. So we send Christmas cards to those we can't get together with in person. What better way to reach out with the holy Christmas message than with this lovely printable card with the manger scene on the front. After all, The Baby in the Manger, the precious Christ child is the real "reason for the season." This customizable, printable card has a stylized manger scene in jewel tones, with heavy lines, which make the picture look like a stained glass window.