Christmas Money Card

Are you running around in a rush trying to get everything done for the holidays? If you don't have time to buy individual gifts this holiday season, then why not give some cash instead using these free printable cards? These lovely Christmas printable cards have a sleeve which is just right for holding cash in place so that it is not just shaken out by overeager recipients! For sure kids and most especially teens will surely love it, probably even prefer it. After all, cash always spends and it is an easy way to give the gift that will always fit.

Christmas Money Card Printable

Printing out this easy to use cut and fold printable Christmas Money card could greatly simplify your holiday gift giving and the stress and anxiety that goes along with trying to find exactly the perfectly correct gift for each and every person. Cash bills or a check or even a gift certificate or gift card could be secured in the opening inside this card, after it is properly folded. A touch of glue long the inside, bottom edge will form an even more secure pocket. Let your loved ones choose their own gifts, in their own time, after the holiday rush.

Angels Christmas Money Card

These lovely, vivid red, stylistically designed, printable cards feature both a beautiful, flowing, female angel and a child angel. Or perhaps the smaller figure represents the Christ child, the King of Salvation, and King of the Universe. They float with a star, and the child holds a scepter topped with a star. Below them are presents, and what looks like a far off kingdom. These could be literal presents, like we give one another during this season of giving, or they could represents the gifts brought to humanity by the birth of the Christ child, and the promise of the kingdom of heaven.