Colorful Christmas

This sweet little free, colorful Christmas card features two bright and cheerful pictures of children. On the front panel, a child is beginning to make a snowman. Everything about this little child makes you want to smile, from the tips of her little read boots to the fuzzy little ball on the top of her brightly striped toboggan. When you open the card you see another happy little child just finishing up a snowman. Every thing about this card is just precious. The many different colored letters of Merry Christmas set just the perfect, light hearted tone for this casual free printable.

Print a Colorful Christmas Card

Everyone will love these cute and colorful free printable cards featuring a couple of little kids making a snowman or two. Under the bright, multicolored, "Merry Christmas, a child begins a Snowman. Unlike many Christmas cards, this one is as colorful inside as it is outside. When you open the card you see another child and a finished Snowman. Don't worry, the facing page is blank and ready for whatever message you wish to add. Printing your own free cards gives you much more freedom to be loving and expressive. This card sends happy and cheerful and colorful Christmas wishes to all!

Customizable Colorful Christmas Cards

Children, in particular will love this free card. Print it out and let your little artist put a third and or fourth snowman picture on the blank pages. Then you have not just a colorful Christmas card, but a Snowman Book! Children can also add their own designs around the edges or instead of snowmen and of course colorful messages to their friends to really bring this card together. Print as many as you need and ask your children to write their personal Christmas greetings to family and friends everywhere! It's a great reminder of the magic of the season.