Holiday Gifts Card

What could be in those presents? They look almost too pretty to open! Fortunately, with these printable Christmas cards, these presents will remain an enigma long after the real presents have been torn open. The rich colors on these free printable cards are certainly appealing and they make a great card for presents of your own. This Christmas why not label your gifts with a specialized card such as this Holiday gifts themed card. You can adjust its size before printing and add your personal message inside. It's the ideal way to get people pumped and ready to open their own presents and see exactly what's inside, though we're still left wondering what's inside these pretty boxes...

Happy Holiday Gifts Card

We all love presents like the ones here on the Holiday Gifts Card printable! We love to see them appear under the Christmas tree as if by magic. We love to pick them up and shake them and to try to guess what is inside. We love the waiting (even though we pretend to hate it) and we love the mystery. We love getting the mysterious hints out of our beloved gift giver and the endless guessing. Then, of course, at the perfect time, on Christmas day, what we love best is the opening. This free printable will prime us for the presents!

Holiday Gifts Card Printable

On Christmas morning everyone is a child. For that one magical morning we get to give up the cares and responsibilities of being a grownup and just enjoy what's happening around us. This free printable Christmas card is a shiny, colorful little window into that time. The perfectly wrapped holiday gifts on the card bedazzle and beckon to us. Come be a kid again! Rip open your gifts and see what delights Santa has left you. Enjoy the equal wonder and joy in the eyes of your loved ones as they receive gifts from you. Let the gift giving season begin by sending this free Holiday Gifts card.