Nativity Card

Share the true meaning of Christmas with your friends and family using these free printable cards. It's the perfect religious card for both sensitive children and for reflective adults who will be able to get so much out of a simple card like this. And don't forget to include your own warm personal message inside to wish good will and peace towards all those you care for most. Remember that the holidays are not only a hectic time for shopping and racing around, they are also a time for sharing and reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas and this card demonstrates that beautifully.

Free Printable Nativity Card

These printable Christmas cards celebrate the themes of new life, hope and peace that fill our hearts in the Christmas season. The very simplistic and stylistic drawings show Mary and Joseph and a calf on the front and on the interior we see baby Jesus being watched over by a lamb. This is the perfect card to remind us of the whole purpose of Christmas, which is to celebrate the birth of the sweet humble little babe that became the loving caring man, Jesus, who said, "Suffer the little children... to come unto me for such is the kingdom of Heaven.

Send these Free Printable Nativity Cards to Those you Love

Not only is this free printable card extremely easy to print out, fold, and use, but it is also very customizable. Just click on the customize button just below the image of the card and go to our card editor to make it your own creation. On the left hand inside panel, you can add your own message, or even a picture of your family, or some words and clipart. Of course, you can also print out the Nativity card as it is, and hand write an even more personal greeting to each and every person who receives this very warmhearted and sincere card.