Nativity Money Card

This Nativity money card is the perfect card to use for reminding everyone of the true spirit of Christmas. Depicting the birth of our savior Jesus Christ and the passage of the three wise men to Bethlehem, these beautiful free printable cards combine practicality and spirituality in one piece. These printable Christmas cards are the perfect way to tend to both the physical and the spiritual well being of someone you care for. So if you're stuck figuring out the right gift, slip some money safely inside this card and watch as your recipient's face lights up upon opening it.

Foldable Nativity Money Card

The printable Nativity Money card is an excellent way to not only send a gift, but to remind the receiver of the ultimate gift, of the savior to the world. This free printable card recounts the story of the nativity in two images. The front panel of the money card reminds us of the wise men of the East who came bearing gifts for the infant king. They traveled long distances led by the light of a new star, that heralded the savior's birth. Inside the card, you see the holy family, just as the wise men found them, with the infant in a manger.

Celebrate the Nativity Money Card

This free, printable Christmas gift card holder tells the story of the Nativity in brief. Two images are enough to convey the tale. Inside the card, on the flap that holds the money or gift card is the baby in the manger, and his parents. The story of the night of the nativity always not only the birth, but the spreading of the word to local shepherds and the story of the wise men who followed the star to Bethlehem, as shown on the front of this printable card. Let your recipient find a little gift like the wise men found the babe.