Peace on Earth

Share these stylized angels as a way to promote peace on earth over this holiday season with these free printable cards. The more serious angels are more adult friendly, though the bright yellows may appeal to children as well. If you're looking for angels that aren't the traditional Christmas ones, then these printable Christmas cards may be just what you're looking for. Print them out, add your own greetings to friends and family and then pass them around. Peace on Earth and goodwill towards man everyone!

Peace on Earth Printable Card

Especially at this time of year, we stop and consider what kind of world we have and what kind of world we'd like to live in. Like the angel on this Peace on Earth free printable, we may not be entirely happy with the state of our world. Peace on Earth is still just something we wish for, not quite a reality everywhere. But it is also still an important thing not only to wish for but to work towards. Sending this easy to print Christmas card with its solemn angel can be a reminder of our responsibility to always be working toward peace.

Peace on Earth to Everyone

Not everyone is going to be warm and safe in the bosom of his or her family this year when Christmas rolls around. Around the world, Angels, in the form of soldiers and other peacekeepers, and volunteers with various charitable organizations are going to be away from home working to make Peace On Earth more than just a saying on a Christmas Card. Are you going to be missing someone from your Christmas dinner table? Or are you perhaps the person overseas? The angel on this free printable conveys both the sadness of being apart and the hope of being together in a better world, soon.