Santa Bear Card

Kids will surely love to send these cute, free printable Santa Bear Christmas  cards to their teachers and classmates. These printable Christmas cards sure are cute for the holidays and the bear just looks like he can't quite believe that it's that time of year again! Perfect for the young and the young at heart, this teddy bear and his Christmas decorations are ready to bring the holiday spirit into the homes of those you care about. Print this and get your children to add their personal messages inside or print it out and send them to your favorite little teddy bears. There's nothing quite as soft as a Christmas bear after all!

Easy Printable Santa Bear Card

Here we have another of our double fold cards. The fact that the finished card is folded twice allows the inside of the card to have printing on it without having to flip the paper over and run it through the printer twice, or to own a "double side" capable printer. (Also check out our tips on internet printing.) This finished, folded card will have the strings of ornamental stars framing the inside of the card, in the upper left hand corner, and the lower right hand corner. It encourages you to add your own two page greeting to the inside.

Cute as a Button Santa Bear Cards

Christmas is the best time of the year to just let go and enjoy the whimsical. We should all delight in the joy of the children, and recall our own happy childhood memories. This Santa Bear printable card, which is free to print as many times as you like, is just the perfect touch of whimsy for the season. There's plenty of time in the rest of the year for all the other things we need to take care of. Print out this little bear, and his bold, "Merry Christmas" greeting card and let your troubles just fade away into fun.