Santa Claus With Bag of Gifts

Here's a great way to give your Christmas greetings directly to those you see in person, using these smaller printable Christmas cards. Print this simple two-fold card with a Santa Claus with a bag of gifts design on the front and the words Merry Christmas inside in red script. This free template is designed to fold twice, down to the perfect size to use as a small card for a gift, a stocking goodie or just to give to someone you care about. These free printable cards are an easy and fun way to tell people you are thinking of them this season.

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The Santa Claus with Bag of Gifts Kid's card.

Let your kids send their own Christmas greetings to Santa Claus or to their friends this year, using these smaller printable Christmas cards. They are smaller, and more kid friendly, less intimidating that some of the larger and fancier cards adults use. The Santa Claus with Bag printable is a wonderful size for children to deliver directly to a teacher or friend, or to "send" to Santa. Encourage your children to add their own colors and designs to turn this card into something that is truly their own. Kids will surely be thrilled to write their greetings inside, including their wish lists.

Free Printable Santa Claus with Bag of Gifts Foldable

Do you have trouble thinking of greetings at Christmas time? This is the card for you. When you print and fold this free card, which shows a jolly Santa and his bag of toys, it can be considered completely done except for your signature under the warm, "Merry Christmas" printed inside. Even better, if you are a Secret Santa, or otherwise want to send an anonymous card, this one is perfect. The greeting is centered and large, and can stand on its own as the Christmas message to the receiver. Another good use for this free printable Christmas template is as a gift tag or an inclusion in a box of cookies or other Christmas cheer.