Haggai Word Search

Use our free printable games and puzzles, like this word search, to familiarize yourself with some of the Bible characters in a fun way. This word search puzzle is all about the minor Prophet Haggai. It contains words that remind you of significant details in his book in the Old Testament, and about the story of the rebuilding of the temple. Print this free word search and hunt through the puzzle for the words shown in the word list, which are related to him. Circle each word that you find until you find all of the words in the whole puzzle.

Haggai the Minor Prophet

Haggai doesn't get as much attention as some of the more major prophets of the Old Testament. More people can tell you about his contemporary, Zechariah, for instance. But all the prophets, and all the books of the prophets are mentioned in the Bible for a reason. Each has his own importance. Haggai was a loyal and trustworthy servant of the Lord. The Lord made him like a "signet ring" or a special sign to the people. He reminded the people of their obligations to the Lord, and to rebuild the temple. Key words of this story are hidden in this free printable!

Bible Study Lessons for Free

Here on our site we have many different types of free printables that would be perfect for use in your Bible studies, or for teaching others. This fairly difficult word search concerning the prophet Haggai is only one of our many available resources. Word searches are a popular pastime, and can be great brain teasers. They make wonderful teaching tools. Children or even older teens will familiarize themselves with key concepts while doing something they think of as a game. Besides Biblical subjects, we also have history, math, and other types of word searches. Please look around for other worksheets and informational guides.