Halloween Word Search With Images

Happy Halloween! Are you searching for something fun for the kids to do while you wait for time to go trick or treating? How about working on this free printable Halloween word search game? Print out this spooky themed brain teaser and search the puzzle grid for the words shown in the word list. They are all related to Halloween in some fashion. Circle each word that you find until you find all of the words in the whole puzzle. Look up and down and forward and don't forget to check for backwards spelled words! Halloween is a tricky holiday!

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Ready to Color too!

This delightful free printable Halloween word search can do double duty as an impromptu coloring page too. Of course, the word search on its own is a great way to pass the time. But after that, after the kids have found all the words in the grid, then they can color the spooky Halloween images around the edge of the paper. There's also a bit of room to them to create their own drawings of perhaps a black cat or a witches hat. You can allow the children to draw their own, or you can add pre-printed images of your own choosing by going to our "Customize" button.

Fun and Learning instead of Pranks

Stalling the trick or treating, or even choosing not to go out begging for candy will require some planning on the part of the adult. Using interesting alternative activities, like this free printable word search will help. It's both fun and educational. A win all around. Besides the obvious, that word searches reinforce spelling skills, all word searches also help train the eye to watch for detail. They help exercise those their brains to solve problems. Even the simple act of circling the words once they are found helps to increase fine motor control, and enhance hand to eye coordination. Have fun and learn!