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Superheroes Word Search

Give your kids a fun printable game to work on while school's out. This free superheroes word search will surely catch and hold their attention. The names of all their favorite super heroes are listed below the puzzle. Those names are cleverly hidden in a 20 by 20 letter grid. Printable word searches are great brain stretchers. Print the word search for free then learn and have fun at the same time.

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Finding Superheroes In A Word Search

Batman, Superman, Iron man and all the other big tough guys are hidden in the letters of this clever free printable word search. Supergirl and Wonder Woman represent the ladies in our free superheroes word search. Even the big green monster, the Hulk, can be found if you look closely at all the hiding places in this free printable game. Which one is your favorite? Which superhero is the coolest? Which hero is the greatest or the strongest? Those who are better, bigger and stronger always capture our imaginations. This free printable word search will capture your (or your kid’s) imagination, too. Just grab a pencil and your imagination and work away.

Printables For Super Word Search Fun

Fun is the name of the game for our whole selection of free printable games. Remember how much fun it was to get the newest comic book? Did you pass that love of reading along to your kids? Word searches are a sneaky way to get kids to use their brains and word skills. They will think you are just letting them have a bit of fun with the free superheroes word search. You don’t have to tell them that you are also honing their ability to pay attention and notice detail. They will just have fun with the free printables. You will know how a printable game that you got for free taught them a bit of language skill, too.