Brain Teasers for the Smarty Pants in Your Life

Have Fun With Our Free Printable Brain Teasers!Many people enjoy mind games (and not the bad kind, either). We mean that people enjoy brain teasers, crossword puzzles, word searches, mazes and other games that get your brain going. At, we love to create fun, engaging puzzles that will boost your brainpower without feeling like you're doing work or studying. Check out our free printable games section. Are you a fan of Sudoku? We have plenty of those puzzles. If you like jigsaw puzzles, we have some of those, too, that you can print right from your home computer. We even have popular board games like BINGO and some that you can make up your own rules for. Best of all? They're all absolutely free. Print out a few options for your family game night this week, and see what kind of fun you can cook up!
Free Printable Brain Teasers for Adults and ChildrenBrain teasers are a favorite among our site's visitors, and we have more than 60 puzzles for you in the free printable brain teasers section. Whether you like to look at stereograms, find hidden elements in pictures, spot the difference or complete anagrams, we have a brain teaser for you! There are fun puzzles for both adults and children alike, but don't limit yourself. If you're an adult who wants to complete a "Spot the Difference" puzzle, go ahead! It's all in good fun, and these brain teasers are designed to get your mind thinking in different ways. Print them out to take with you while you wait in line or sit and wait for appointments. Share printed copies with friends, or just save the image to your computer and share via email or your social networks.
Spot the Difference with Free Printable Brain TeasersKids and grownups alike love our "Spot the Difference" activities. Why? Because they're so fun! These are great activities for completing with the kids, too, making family time enjoyable and stress free because you already know that you can come to for a variety of family fun resources. This Girl Cleaning Spot the Difference worksheet is a blast to figure out. There are five differences to figure out, but you can make the worksheet even more challenging if you'd like. How? By using our customization tool, of course! Under each image, you'll find buttons to Print or Customize an image. By clicking "Customize", you'll be taken to the image where you can add your own text and images. It's easy to do! Once you add these elements, you can resize them and move them around on the printable anywhere you'd like. Finally, you can save or print your altered printable. We recommend that you save them if it's a printable you feel like you'll come back to again or one that you'd like to share with others. Make your printable last by placing it in a plastic sheet protector and using dry erase markers to spot the differences! 

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