Five Ways Coloring Helps Your Child

As parents, we are always looking for ways to help our children improve emotionally, mentally and physically. We seek out activities that will help them build character and valuable skills like teamwork, playing by the rules, commitment and time management. Whether your child plays team sports or joins the band, all activities have something to offer. As it turns out, coloring also provides a number of benefits to your child. Here are five ways coloring helps your child learn and grow.


Focusing is difficult for many children, especially those who are hyperactive. In order to improve your child's ability to maintain focus, engage him in activities that he enjoys. He will be much more apt to focus on activities that are pleasurable. Coloring one of our free printable coloring pages can take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour depending on how intricate the design is. Start with simple pages and work up to more complicated designs to improve your child's focus.

Pattern Recognition

As your child colors more and more, she will begin to recognize patterns and shapes. She may notice, for example, that a tablecloth in a picture is a pattern of squares repeated over and over. She may find that a sun is often composed using a circle and tiny triangles for the sun's rays. Encourage your child to find the patterns in the pages she colors.

Development of a Creative Style

Believe it or not, creative style can begin to flourish at a very early age. This style could carry your child through the rest of his or her artistic endeavors throughout life. Does your daughter want to color all of the free printable princess coloring pages different shades of green? Let her! Does your son like to color things the opposite of what you think they should be? Encourage him. The ability to think outside the box is an incredibly valuable trait for people who work as artists, advertisers, writers and in a number of other creative occupations.


Color is an excellent form of therapy. Even adults can benefit from expressing their emotions through coloring, but it is particularly helpful for young children. Note the colors your child uses if they are different from the colors you'd normally expect. Also, look for signs of frustration or anger in the style in which she colors. If she normally colors within the lines but suddenly begins to scribble all over the page, she may be trying to express frustration, anger or disappointment. As a rule of thumb, ask your child about her day and how she feels as she colors.


One of the biggest, yet simplest, benefits of coloring is the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction one gets after completing a coloring page. Encourage your child to be proud of herself, and let her know that you're proud of her, too. Put the free printable princess crown coloring page up on the refrigerator or bulletin board. Display it proudly, and watch your child smile each time she walks by.

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