Free Printable Anniversary Cards to Celebrate Your Special Day

Wives and husbands often lead such busy lives that even important dates like an anniversary can slip right by with barely a moment's notice. Even though you're busy, it's vital to your marriage to take a few moments to let your spouse know how much he or she means, especially on your anniversary. At, we realize just how much these precious little moments can mean, so we've created a number of free printable greeting cards for all occasions, including anniversaries. If your special day is coming up, personalize and print one of these three cards to give to that special someone. You're sure to get a smile. I hope that you'll also get a night out on the town and a babysitter for the kids so you two can enjoy each other's company.

Anniversary Card for Husbands

Most wives drag their husbands alone for a shopping trip now and then, but if you're notorious for this, we have the perfect card for you! This printable anniversary card for husbands is designed with humor in mind. It features a wife shopping and a husband snoozing – cliché but often true! We often take for granted the special things our spouse does for us, even when they don't enjoy it. Print this card out to tell your husband that you appreciate his efforts.

Free Online Cards to Say Happy Anniversary

This Happy Anniversary card is colorfully designed with bright, bold text and pretty balloons. It's suitable for either a husband or a wife and can be filled with precious sentiments of your blissful years together. If you know another couple with an upcoming anniversary, it's perfect for them, too. Couples need to be encouraged in their marriages, no matter how short or long a time they've spent together.

Free Anniversary Cards for Couples

This free anniversary card is designed specifically with the married couple in mind. It features two sweet looking mice snuggled up in bed together with the words, "It's Our Anniversary" printed on the front. Print this card out for your wife or husband to show how much those snuggles and cuddles mean to you. It's a simple sentiment, really, but those are often the most meaningful. In the end, the things you treasure most in your marriage will be the quiet moments before you start your day. This is a celebration of those quiet, intimate moments.

All of our free printable anniversary cards can be customized to your liking. It's easy to add pictures or text to make your card special and unique. For best results, print your card in the highest print quality that your printer will allow. Medium-weight cardstock is best for printable cards, but if you don't have any, regular printer paper will do just fine. After all, it's the thought that counts, and your wife or husband will know how much you think about them with one of these cards. From all of us here at, Happy Anniversary! We hope you have many more.

free printable anniversary cards