Free Printable Awards for School and Sports

Free Printable Awards for Standout Students

Everyone likes a little recognition now and then. It's perfectly natural, after all, to want praise from our peers, classmates, colleagues and authority figures. It makes us feel good when other people recognize our efforts, no matter how big or small. That's why we offer several free printable awards in our free misc printables section at We understand the importance of making someone feel good by recognizing the hard work that they do. In addition to awards, you'll also find paper, labels, nametags, recipe cards, graphs, party supplies and other printable stuff. Browse each section; you're sure to find plenty of printables that are suitable for use in your home or classroom. All of them are free, easy to customize and easy to print. Just a few clicks will get you a brightly colored, fun design customized to your liking.


Silly and Serious Free Printable Awards

Not all awards ceremonies need to be serious, but some do. What you do is up to you! We have free printable awards for all occasions no matter if it's fun or factual. Want to give an award to the biggest worrier in your group? Print the Mr. Worry award. How about the Little Miss Bossy award for the take-charge person in the group? There are also more practical options like the Busy Bee award, Employee of the Month, Attendance and Student of the Month. All of these recognize unique characteristics that define a person. Just a little note to say, "You've been working hard" can really mean a lot to someone who thinks that his or her efforts go unnoticed. The awards in this category have many uses: school, home, work and sports. Don't forget you can customize them to suit your particular situation.


Free Printable Awards for Student of the Month

Do you have a star student in your classroom that you'd like to recognize? Use our free printable student of the month award. The feeling of pride a student gets when receiving this award is indescribable. It means that, above all others, he or she has performed the best or made the most improvements for that month. It is a big honor because only eight or nine students from the class, at most, could be chosen for this prestigious award. You can customize the award by adding the student's name and picture to it. Alternatively, you can print the award out as is and handwrite the name and details into the blanks. Print the award on quality printer paper in the best quality option for your printer's settings. You may want to consider purchasing some elegant plastic frames to put these awards in for your students. If you do, make sure that both the frame and the "glass" are actually plastic to avoid injuries. A note sent along with the award to the parents can detail exactly how the student is excelling. Both of these can be preserved in the student's memory books or photo albums to remember it for years to come.

Free Printable Awards