Free Printable Coloring Sheets for All Ages

Use Free Printable Coloring Sheets to Encourage Creativity

Coloring sheets are one of the first implements that children use to begin expressing their creativity. Because they can't draw their own images yet, they enjoy coloring within the confines that a coloring page provides. Of course, early on, they can't stay within the lines. That's part of the fun when you're young! As children get older, they learn to mostly stay within the lines and to color things as they'd appear in real life. In the meantime, though, it's great fun to see the interesting color combinations that toddlers come up with. Their imaginations are not limited to what they can see, but instead allow for an entire spectrum of possibilities that we tend to lose as adults. Enjoy these precious moments with your toddler or preschooler while you can. Encourage them to color using the free printable coloring pages available at


Provide Free Printable Coloring Sheets for Hours of Entertainment

Kids can become bored easily, especially when they're waiting for appointments or in day care all day. When you need to keep a child quiet, yet engaged, free printable coloring sheets are the way to do it. They can color for hours as long as you provide them with plenty of variety when it comes to images. Unfortunately, coloring books these days don't have much variety. They're all based on common themes like princesses or cars, and children can lose interest quickly. By printing your own coloring pages, you can keep them varied and interesting to ensure that they keep coloring for as long as you need them to. You can even use our customization tools to add your child's name to the picture. Alternatively, you can add blank spaces for the child to write his name and the date; this will make them easy to identify years later when you find them in your child's memory box. Here, you'll find pictures of chefs, toucans, aliens, lions, elephants, bunnies and more.


Free Printable Coloring Sheets to Help Kids Learn About Animals

Another way that you can use coloring sheets is to teach children about animals, occupations and other things that the coloring pages depict. One of our most popular coloring sheets is the free printable Toucan coloring sheet. Most young children have never heard of a toucan, and when that happens, they often have a hard time depicting it with colors. This coloring sheet saves them the trouble of guessing the appropriate colors because there's a sample toucan in the thought bubble of the main image. This will help your child color the picture appropriately if he or she so chooses. If, however, your child wants to let loose with strange colors, let him! It's a good thing when children think outside the box. And who knows, you may just get an image that is even more beautiful than the real thing. Encourage your child's creative abilities, even if they seem a little unorthodox.

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