Free Printable Gift Cards for Personalizing Gifts

Personalize Your Presents with Free Printable Gift Cards

The perfect complement to a great gift is a personal, meaningful card. Most people have two opportunities to personalize a gift: with a greeting card and with the gift card that is attached to the gift. You can be funny, touching, reminiscent or express a variety of other emotions using the free printable cards available at With cards for every occasion ranging from birthday greetings to Christmas cards to cards for Mother's Day and Father's Day, there's no shortage of ways to show your friends and family that you care. The cards are beautifully designed with cartoon characters, illustrations or professional-quality photos, so you know you will find something to suit every taste. These are very customizable using the "Customize" button when you view each card. Add text, pictures, rotate and crop images and more.


Free Printable Gift Cards for Any Occasion

Do you need pretty gift tags to attach to your gifts? Look no further! has a varied selection of free printable gift cards available for you to make your gifts stand out from all the others. Are you looking for tags to say, "I love you"? How about tags to go with those special gifts for moms and dads to let them know how much you appreciate them? There are also adorable tags available to put on baby shower gifts as well. Gift tags are a great way to make your gifts more personal. Each features a sweet illustrated image with plenty of room to write a personal message to the gift recipient. You can handwrite your message or use the Customize tool to type in the recipient's details and special message. Either way, the extra thought put into your gift will be appreciated.


Free Printable Gift Cards for Boy Gifts

Are you going to a birthday for a little boy? It is so hard to find gift tags that are more masculine in the stores. Here, we have the perfect solution. These free printable boy gift cards are perfectly suited to any gift for a boy. It features a brown haired boy wearing a blue shirt and a blue striped birthday hat. In the background are blue and orange balloons, stars and confetti. In the message area, there are blue and orange gifts along with ample space to write a heartfelt message to the birthday boy. To print these out at home, click the print button or the customize button to personalize the tags on your computer, if you'd like. Print the image out on cardstock or adhesive sticker paper for longer-lasting gift tags. You can print these in black and white on your computer, but we recommend printing them in full color to get the beautiful blue and orange colors to coordinate with your gift wrap. Attach the tag to the gift using tape or just punch a hole in the edge and tie it to the gift with a ribbon.

Free Printable Gift Cards for Boys