Free Printable Gift Tags for All Occasions

By: Brandon Ribak

Make Your Gift Stand Out with Free Printable Gift Tags

It's easy to remember to purchase gift tags for Christmas, but for other holidays, it's impractical. First, it's hard to remember them, but second, gifts for birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and other holidays are so varied that one theme won't suit them all. Sure, you could buy gift tags for all those occasions, but that would cost quite a bit of money, and then you'd be tasked with keeping up with those gift tags for the rest of the year. Instead of wasting your money and your drawer space, check out whenever you need a gift tag! In the free printable cards section, you'll find a number of greeting cards for all holidays and gift tags as well. Check back often for new additions, especially around the holidays!

Free Printable Gift Cards to Personalize Your Gifts

Whether it's Halloween, Christmas or someone's birthday or anniversary, has a wide variety of free printable gift cards to put on your gifts. All gift tags are beautifully designed and colorful to make your gifts really pop. There are gift tags for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Baby Showers, Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduations and much, much more. All of these tags can be printed right from your home. For best results, print them on sticker paper! Then, you can just cut out the tag, peel it off and stick it right on your gift. If you don't have sticker paper, though, don't let that stop you from printing and using our beautiful tags. They'll work just as well with regular paper and some tape.

Halloween Gift Tags for Treat Bags

Are you looking for ways to make your Halloween treats more personal? We have the answer to your problems! Our fun and spooky Halloween tags are perfect for attaching to your Halloween treat bags. We offer many different designs, but these free printable Halloween gift tags are among the most popular tags on our site. They feature Jack-o-Lanterns, beautiful fall leaves and a witch's hat. Because they're free, you can print out as many as you need, even if you get hundreds of trick-or-treaters like some areas do. They're ready to go as is, no need to add anything to them, but if you'd like to add your own message, you can via the customization tool. To use these tags, print them out on medium or heavy cardstock if attaching as tags. If you'd like to just staple them to your treat bags, however, you can use regular paper. These have a hole in the design that can easily be punched using a hole punch. Put a colorful string or ribbon through the hole and tie the tag to your gift. It's super easy and a nice, personal touch that will make your treats stand out from others in the neighborhood. A bit of extra thoughtfulness goes a long way, especially when your neighbors are concerned.

free printable Halloween gift tags