Free Printable Kids Worksheets for Teaching New Skills

Learn Something New with Free Printable Kids Worksheets

What's the key to getting better at something? Repetition, of course! It takes plenty of practice and focus to master new skills, and that's what we had in mind when designing our free printable worksheets for kids. Help your children learn new math skills like multiplication, addition, subtraction, division and much more. Print out worksheets for your preschooler or kindergarten student to complete for extra practice. There are even some lesson plans for teachers in this category and worksheets for churches here, too. All of our worksheets are completely customizable. You can add the name of your students, the classroom, subject, date or anything else you'd like via our customization tool. The worksheets are perfect for teachers and parents alike.


Fun Activities and Free Printable Kids Worksheets

Not all worksheets have to be about subjects like math, history and social studies. Sometimes, it's best to offer students something fun to work on to break the monotony of the day as well as introduce a little creativity into your lessons. There are several different activities like this in our free printable kids' worksheets. Whether your child or student enjoys connect the dots activities or word completion exercises, you're sure to find something here that will put a smile on those little faces. Halloween is coming up, so why not try the activities that are geared toward that holiday. They'll have fun learning how to spell words like ghost, witch, cat, haunted house and more. There are also activities available for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so all your holidays are covered with fun printable activities for the rest of the year thanks to


Free Printable Kids Worksheets to Teach Punctuation

Punctuation can be tricky to learn, but it just got easier for your students when you use our free printable punctuation worksheet. This worksheet covers periods, exclamation marks and question marks – the three main types of punctuation used in writing today. There are 20 questions or statements with one or more blanks. The student must carefully read each item and place the punctuation marks as appropriate. The activity won't take long at all – less than 15 to 20 minutes for most students – but will provide the students with valuable practice to learn this important skill. Homeschoolers will also find this punctuation worksheet useful for teaching their children at home. If you'd like for your copy to last a while, simply print it out and either laminate it or place it in a plastic sheet protector. These methods make it easy for you to demonstrate the correct answers using dry erase markers. After you've finished reviewing the worksheet, simply wipe the worksheet clean with a dry cloth. It will be ready for you to bring out again for use next year. Teachers and parents, you can add questions or statements of your own at the end of the worksheet using our free customization tool. There's plenty of space to add at least three more items.

free printable punctuation worksheet