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Teachers spend a lot of their own personal time scouring the internet for the best lesson plans for their students. It's part of the job to care about the quality of each student's education, but it would be handy to have reliable resources for lesson plans at your fingertips, wouldn't it? At, you'll find lots of teacher-friendly resources to make your lessons a success. We have free printable worksheets for many different ages, subjects and grade levels. Our lesson plans are free of charge, and you can print them right from your computer at home or in your office or classroom. You can even customize these lesson plans and worksheets by putting your name, the classroom number or anything else you'd like at the tops of the pages.


Free Printable Lesson Plans for Many Subjects

From adjectives to astronomy, we have a varied selection of free printable lesson plans and worksheets to choose from. Don't rely on textbook materials to provide all the information to your students. They should learn from several different resources to ensure a thorough, unbiased education. Teachers and homeschoolers alike will find valuable lessons and activities on the site. Take these lessons and make them your own. Share them with other teachers or homeschooling parents. We take pride in delivering quality educational and fun resources for students, parents and teachers.


Learn Adjectives with Free Printable Lesson Plans

Adjectives are a challenging but fun concept to introduce to young children. Of course, we all use adjectives. This blog post would be rather dull without them, as would books, movies, songs and many more facets of life. Adjectives help us describe nouns more accurately. An apple isn't just an apple, is it? It can be small or big. It can be red, green or yellow. It can taste sweet or sour. It can be firm or soft (but hopefully firm, as soft apples aren't very appetizing). You get the picture. These descriptive words help us tell others about the world around us. This free printable adjective lesson plan is an easy-to-use worksheet where students are asked to pair the adjective with its appropriate noun. They complete the worksheet by drawing a line from one column to the next. In order to make this activity more fun (and more colorful), why not let the students use their crayons or markers? Each adjective-noun pair can have their own different color. Have a race to see who can identify all the pairs the fastest. You may want to consider putting the students in pairs or groups to complete the worksheet, too. Teachers can have a lot of fun discussing the sheet afterwards. Ask the students to come up with other adjectives that describe the nouns. For example, the students may describe a cheetah not only as fast, but also pretty, scary, big, small, furry or spotted. Have fun with it!

free printable adjective lesson plan