Free Printable Recipe Cards to Save Your Favorite Recipes


Write Your Recipes on Free Printable Recipe Cards

Although many people look recipes up online these days, recipe cards have still not fallen out of fashion. Why? Well, recipe cards are a lot easier to handle when your hands are wet, sticky or greasy. You don't want to touch your computer, tablet or phone when you're elbow deep in dough, after all. Recipe cards are easy to grab in a pinch or give to a friend who loves your recipe. They're also a great way to put together a collection of recipes for someone else. If you'd like to print your own recipe cards, check out the free printable misc section at where you'll find an assortment of printables for your household needs.


Free Printable Recipe Card Designs

There are 20 different recipe card designs, recipes and menu planners to choose from. Site visitor favorites include the holiday-themed free printable recipe cards. There are designs for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving and Easter designs. Holiday-themed designs will help you easily find your holiday recipes amongst all the other recipes in your box. The other themes are all-purpose designs that will coordinate with almost any kitchen theme. The Cute Chef Recipe Cards are very popular, as are the Hello Kitty designed cards. Don't forget to put the recipes for your favorite mixed drinks, hot chocolate, eggnog, punch and cider on the Beverages recipe card for easy identification in your recipe stacks.


Free Printable Recipe Cards as a Gift

As mentioned above, free printable recipe cards like this Frying Egg recipe card make a wonderful gift for bridal showers and housewarming parties. Pick a design that coordinates with the kitchen theme and décor of the happy couple. Print out as many recipe cards as you need on quality card stock and write down all your best recipes. When young families are just starting out, they may not know how to cook many types of foods, so recipes from an experienced and talented cook can get them well on their way to making delicious, healthy meals at home. After you've written down your favorite recipes, put them together in a recipe box. These can be purchased at most dollar stores. Pair the recipes with some wooden spoons, mixing bowls, measuring cups, measuring spoons and a few other goodies and you have a gift that will be the talk of the party. Those are all very practical gift options that you can be sure the couple will use. Below is a sample of the Frying Egg Recipe Card. As you can see, you can print these out as is and write on them or use the customize tool to type in your recipes. Just keep in mind that when you use the customize tool, you may need to click the "Rotate" button to rotate the card to type on it. You can type in a variety of colors according to whatever your preferences are.

Free Printable Recipe Cards