Free Printable Scrapbook Pages for Holidays

Free Printable Scrapbook Pages for Special Occasions

Are you the crafty type? If you like to use your artistic abilities to preserve and enhance memories, scrapbooking may just be the craft for you. Scrapbooking combines both photography and design to create a fun, engaging hobby that many men, women and children enjoy. Scrapbooking kits with papers and stickers can be expensive, though, so you may be limited in the number of creations you can make. Until now, that is. At, we have a wide variety of free printable crafts, including scrapbook templates that you can use to make life a little more fun and memorable. Feel free to download as many as you like! There's no cost, and you can customize all of our images to your liking. Add the name of your picture's subject, the date or a suitable quote that captures the moment. You'll have fun creating unique designs with our printables.


Celebrate the Holidays with Free Printable Scrapbook Pages

Some people have a natural eye for putting elements of scrapbook kits together while others need a little more help. That's where we come in. Our free printable scrapbook pages are already designed in fun, appealing ways to be ready to use as soon as you print them out. You can still make them your own, though, by combining different pages and elements to create a unique look for your scrapbook. We have several different scrapbook printables available. Do you need some pages for Halloween? Try our Halloween stickers, alphabet and pages. Looking forward to Christmas already? Try the Christmas frames to jazz up even the most ordinary pictures. There are also templates for ladybugs, princesses, hearts and stars, dads, July 4th, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Earth Day, moms, puppies and Earth Day. If that isn't a varied selection, I don't know what is!


Free Printable Scrapbook Pages for Baby's First Halloween

There's nothing more precious than a baby's first time doing something. Halloween, too, is a special event in the lives of new parents. What will baby's first costume be? Where will you take him? How will you preserve those precious, fun-filled memories? Our free printable baby scrapbook for Halloween is the perfect solution for displaying that first Halloween photo. This colorful scrapbook page features a baby dressed as a witch, posing with Jack-o-lanterns. The background is a lovely purple with plaid orange at the bottom. It's an adorable design that will work well for girls or boys. To use this template, first use the customize tool if you want to add a name or date. Once you've personalized your image, print it out in color on thick cardstock or photo paper. After the ink is completely dry, cut out the white square in the middle. Place your photo behind this square and place both the template and photo in your scrapbook. Remember to secure the photo to the template first to prevent it from sliding around. There you have an adorable depiction of baby's first Halloween!

free printable scrapbook pages