Free Printable Worksheets for Young Children

Kids Love Free Printable Kindergarten Worksheets

If you have a child that needs a little extra boost when it comes to their education, you're not alone. Many students need a bit of extra help. After all, when you're in a classroom with 10-15 other students, the teacher often has to forge ahead even if there are those who don't completely grasp the concepts. When that happens, it's important for the parents to tutor their children on the topics they're currently covering in school. This extra help can give your child the push he or she needs in order to grasp the concepts and stay on pace with the rest of the class. At, we have several categories of free printable worksheets to help your child in their toughest subjects. From preschool through learning multiplication tables, there are a number of free resources available for both parents and students to utilize.

Free Printable Kindergarten Worksheets for Budding Students

Kindergarten is such a special time in a kid's life. Although many students attend preschool, not all do, so this may be the first time your little one has ventured away from home during the day. Kindergarten provides the foundation or a lifetime of learning. Important concepts like numbers, the alphabet, coloring and learning new words are stressed. We have a number of free printable kindergarten worksheets available to help your children hone their skills. There are alphabet coloring sheets for every letter in the alphabet, holiday worksheets, coloring sheets, connect the dots and much more. Just print out your favorites to begin building your child's portfolio. Some activities are suitable for children of preschool age, too, so don't be afraid to try the activities with your four year old. Just remember to keep activities fun and light so your child will come to enjoy learning.

Kick off Halloween Festivities Early with Our Free Printable Kindergarten Worksheets

Halloween is one of the top holidays for young children. What's not to like? Costumes, candy and cool decorations are all part of the fun that make this holiday so wonderful. You don't have to get your kid hyped up on sugar to let him enjoy the holiday, though. Our free printable Halloween Complete the Words Worksheet is loads of fun! Each word is represented by a brightly colored, fun picture to the left or right. A few letters are missing from the word, and that's what your child needs to fill in. Their favorite Halloween characters like ghosts, Frankenstein, werewolves, Dracula and more are on this cute worksheet. It may be too advanced for your Kindergarten student, but children in first and second grade can certainly complete it independently. Younger children will enjoy it, too, but they may need a bit of assistance to sound out the words and pick out the missing letters. You can use this sheet as part of your treat bags for the neighborhood children, too. Just adjust the number of prints you want to make and print away! Your treats will be the hit of the neighborhood.

Free Printable Worksheets