Fun with Words: Free Printable Word Search Puzzles

Free Printable Word Search Puzzles for Kids

For learning new vocabulary words, word search puzzles are one of the best tools you can use. Kids and adults alike enjoy finding words in these little puzzles. On, you can find a wide variety of word search puzzles for holidays and other occasions. In the free printable games category, you'll also find a number of other printable activities you can use for fun, like crosswords, puzzles, Bingo cards and markers, brain teasers, printable mazes and a favorite everywhere – Sudoku! These activities are suitable for use at home or in the classroom and can break up the monotony of boring lessons using fun, hands on activities.


Free Printable Word Search Puzzles for Every Occasion

Do your kids like a certain character? Are you looking for activities to do in the classroom to celebrate certain holidays? You'll find a great variety of free printable word search puzzles that you can use to get those brains humming. There are puzzles available for Earth Day, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more. There's even an Iron Man word search for superhero fans! Word search puzzles can be worked on alone or in pairs for even more fun. Have a contest; whoever finds the most words in three, five or 10 minutes wins a prize. There are endless game possibilities when it comes to word searches.


Free Printable Word Search Puzzle for Back to School Activities

School will start again in just a couple of weeks for many students around the country. Most students experience those first-day jitters. There are new friends to make and new teachers to become acquainted with. New classes are challenging. Some students will even be entering a new school. Help them make the transition by providing a fun activity to break the ice. The free printable Back to School word search is the perfect ice breaker. Arrange students in pairs or in groups on the first day so they'll become acquainted with at least one other person. This puzzle is perfect for younger children, with words like "Teacher", "pencil" and "crayons". To add a little more excitement to the activity, hold up each item (or a picture of each item) to the class first and see who can locate the word in the puzzle the fastest. Kids will have a lot of fun in their race against the clock to find the word first. This puzzle is easy to print as-is or can be customized with the teacher's name at the top. After the students have found the words in the puzzle, see how many more they can find on their own. The one person who finds the most words can win a prize or a special privilege. To add the teacher's name or subject to the top of the page, click the customize button. Use the text tool to add text in any color you'd like. Don't forget to make an extra copy for yourself to use for next year, too!

Free Printable Word Search Puzzles