Halloween Gift Tags for Bootiful Gifts

Prepare Your Presents with Our Halloween Gift Tags
It won't be long until those adorable trick-or-treaters will be knocking on your door asking for candy. You've probably begun putting out the spider webs and spiders, bedecking your decks with pumpkins and picked out your costumes for the big night. But have you thought about those Halloween gifts that you won't be handing out to the neighborhood kids? You know the ones we mean. You may be planning to take in some treats to your coworkers or giving a spooky present to a friend. Perhaps Halloween is your sister's favorite holiday and you'd like to get her something special. You can do just that and use our gift cards to finish off the present. You can find Halloween gift cards and tags for other holiday presents in our free printable cards section.

Why Are Gift Cards Essential?
Some people have said, "Why do you need a gift card, anyway?" Well, there are several reasons. You may have had someone suggest that you just write your name on the gift. That can be hard to do because gift-wrap often comes in patterns that make writing difficult to spot. It's also rather tacky to do it that way unless you have no other options at the time. It looks like you're unprepared and that you bought a last minute gift. During a party, you will be separated from the gift you brought. You may not even be there for the opening of the gifts if you have to duck out of the party early. These are all good reasons for having a gift card on your present. It lets the recipient know quickly and easily who the gift was from. If you don't plan to give a greeting card with your present, the gift tag is essential, and you'll find lots of different designs among our free printable gift cards.

Happy Halloween Gift Cards
The set of Halloween gift cards we have picked out for your gifts will definitely set your "bootiful" gifts apart from all the rest. Each printout contains three gift cards. The top and bottom cards are exactly the same, each featuring a bat on a black, gray and orange background with the words, "Happy Halloween." The middle card features a friendly ghost on a black and red striped background with the word "Boo." Both designs are excellent options for your gifts on the scariest night of the year. To use these gift cards, first decide if you'd like to customize them using our tools or if you want to handwrite your messages. If you'd like to handwrite the greetings, simply click the print button. If you'd like to customize, you'll be taken to a page where you can add text or images to the printables. When you're finished customizing, save your design to your computer and then print it. For gift tags, we recommend the highest color setting on your printer using sticker paper, thin cardstock or matte photo paper.

Halloween gift cards