Keep Up With Appointments Using Free Printable Monthly Calendars

Free Printable Monthly Calendars to Stay on Top of Your Schedule

July is nearly over and August will be here soon. Doesn't time fly? It's surprising to find out that many people don't use calendars today. Either they rely only on their phones or they don't keep track of their appointments at all, just winging it as they go along. Of course, "winging it" leads to late or missed appointments and frustration for those waiting for you. Purchasing calendars in the store can be expensive, though. The local bookstores sell them for anywhere from $9.99 - $19.99. Come on, who wants to pay that much for something that only lasts for a year? Rather than purchasing a calendar in the stores, trying using free printable calendars from You'll never pay for an overpriced calendar again!


Customizable Free Printable Monthly Calendars

There are a wide variety of calendars available on the site, but a favorite of our frequent visitors are the customizable free printable monthly calendars. You can print them out one at a time or all at once; it's up to you. There are two different designs for each month: Roses and Taped Parchment. The Roses version features a field of flowers on a crisp white background with a red border. The month and year are also written in red while the calendar numbers are black. The Taped Parchment version features a calendar with brown and tan colors to replicate the look of parchment paper. This style is a personal favorite because it's neutral enough to work with any décor if you want to put it up on a wall or your refrigerator.


Free Printable Monthly Calendars for August 2013

The month of August is just days away, and if you haven't printed your free monthly calendar, it's time to get started. The Taped Parchment version is a stylish choice, and it's the one I've chosen for myself. To show you how easy it is to customize to your own schedule, go ahead and check out the Free Printable Taped Parchment August 2013 calendar.  Click on the customize button and you'll see the larger version that you'll be printing for your own use. Since the design looks good as is, images aren't required to enhance the appearance, but if you want to add them, you can. To add your appointments and special events, just click on "Add Text". The text box may appear in an odd place on the calendar, but don't worry. You can move it around by clicking and dragging. Once you have it in your desired location, type your text. You can adjust the size of the font if it's too big to fit within the box for a particular day. You can also change the color of the font if an event or task is particularly important. Below is an example of the calendar with a birthday, and an appointment with the pediatrician listed. At the bottom of the calendar is a reminder to purchase supplies for the birthday party in red font.

Free Printable Monthly Calendars